Increasing productivity, reducing costs and lowering risks

are top of mind for every project manager in the energy sector – and in all other industries.

Aerolift eXpress addresses these three critical factors by providing an exclusive unmanned transportation service to safely and efficiently reach the world’s most inaccessible places.


Aerolift can interact with offshore facilities safer, faster and more economically than marine transport or manned aerial transport.

Aerolift matches the accessibility of a helicopter, without risk to human life or payload.


Most unmanned systems can take you around a hotel property. Aerolift can take your payload between cities, above challenging terrain in difficult weather conditions.

No other service offers the reach or payload size offered by Aerolift. And we’re getting better all the time.


In addition to serving the offshore/onshore community, Aerolift is poised to play a key role in disaster relief, delivering critical communication networks, medical supplies and small items to remote locations.



Harnessed the powerful technologies of the u.s. military drone programs


Proven during more than 100,000 hours in wartime conditions

We’d love to talk to you about how Aerolift can increase your productivity, reduce costs and lower risks in your operation.