is an unmanned aerial transportation service that currently can deliver a payload of up to 14 pounds at an operating radius of 250 miles. Although Aerolift focuses on Gulf of Mexico offshore facilities, it is deployable worldwide, wherever aircraft are licensed for export.


Aerolift can serve remote inland locations such as collection centers, pumping stations, storage facilities, high-tension power lines and power relay stations

Shallow and deep water oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico

cutting edge military technology

Aerolift’s focus is to bring cutting edge military technology to the private sector, with a focus on shallow and deepwater oil platforms


powerful technology can serve remote inland locations such as collection centers, pumping stations, temporary storage facilities and power relay stations

Aerolift is a One-of-a-Kind Service

Unlike marine or manned aerial transport, Aerolift travels over the most direct route, avoiding the perils of rough waters, difficult terrain and inclement weather. For example, in order to interact with offshore facilities today, marine and manned aerial transports are available at a premium cost and always pose risk to human life.

Aerolift can fly in challenging weather conditions, exceeding or matching the weather tolerances performance of a helicopter but without risk to human life.

Marine Transport

  • Long delivery times
  • High fuel consumption
  • Environment is often high risk
  • No service in austere weather
  • Slowest delivery method

Aerial Transport

  • Expensive flight operation cost
  • High fuel consumption
  • Complex survival systems and training
  • Pilot shortage
  • High-risk environment
  • Extensive training requirements
Aerolift Unmanned Transport
  • Proven safe and reliable
  • Trusted flight control systems with more than 100,000 safe flight hours logged globally
  • Full autonomous operation. Take off and Landing completely automated
  • Fabricated of composite materials, airframe systems are very durable and can withstand extreme deployments in austere conditions around the world
  • Failure over water has no risk to human life or payload
  • Water landings would be at a fraction of the cost to recover with a small marine vessel vs. recovering a typical aircraft

In addition to serving the offshore community, Aerolift is poised to play a key role in disaster relief, delivering critical medical supplies, establishing communication and control networks, and delivering small items to remote locations.

Drones are typically considered

to fall into only two categories- military weapon deployment systems or for taking real estate photos. Most unmanned systems can take you around a hotel property. Aerolift can take you between cities, above challenging terrain and over the horizon to carry out any mission, any time.

We’d love to talk to you about how Aerolift can increase your productivity, reduce costs and lower risks in your operation.